Osborne launches Five Grand Fillies

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Jamie Osborne has launched a new partnership where you can own a share of five precocious two-year-old fillies that will race throughout the 2018 season…and there will be many opportunities to see them race at all ends of the country.

As a shareholder, you will be welcome to visit the yard on the first Saturday of every month to watch their progress, enjoy the gallops, discuss plans over breakfast and be involved in the process that brings them to the racecourse.

Whether you are a seasoned owner or are new to the experience, Jamie looks forward to welcoming you to Lambourn and introducing you to his team of horses.

The things you need to know…

  • One share in this partnership of five fillies is £5000
  • The five fillies cost £66,000 at public auction in the autumn.
  • Each filly could cost £28,000 to train and race during the period. Therefore, the total amount required to cover the costs is £206,000 plus VAT
  • 50 shares at £5,000 per share = £250,000 (Each share costs £4166.00 + VAT)
  • Jamie Osborne will retain five shares.
  • The fillies will be traded through the year when the opportunity to profit exists.
  • The remaining fillies will be sold at The Tattersalls Horses in Training Sale in Newmarket in October 2018.
  • Each shareholder will receive a dividend at the end of the period including prizemoney, sales proceeds and any unused training costs.
  • Each shareholder will receive a share document. A list of shareholders will be available.
  • Jamie Osborne will not charge management fees.
  • Jamie Osborne will control all racing and trading decisions.

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