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The popular Lambourn Trainers’ Association website is now in its third year.

It has the support of all the trainers in Lambourn where they provide quotations of their runners… for the day’s racing ahead.

Visitors to the website have consistently grown since its launch and we now have just under 60,000 unique visitors in the last 12 months accounting for 386,368 page views on the site… that’s why is the perfect place to advertise your product or service which will be seen by the racing public and racing industry sector.

Home Page and Site Campaigns

Banners are available in three different sizes and four positions – Site Campaigns & Home Page Placements are great for creating awareness to everyone who visit the site,regardless of what they’re looking for.

Our Rates

Placement (pixel size) 1 month 5 months + 1 month FREE (banner/MPU) 10 months + 2 months FREE (banner/MPU)
Home Page Premium MPU (320 x 100) £125 £625 £1250
Run of Site Square Banner* (300 x 250) £220 £1100 £2200
Today’s Runners Premium MPU £350 £1750 £3500
Today’s Runners Square Banner £295 £1475 £2950

*Your advert will appear on every page of the website apart from the home page and Today’s Runners page.

All the above prices are plus VAT.


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