Oaksey House

The Injured Jockeys Fund was the brainchild of founding Trustee and past President John Oaksey and came about following the devastating accidents of Tim Brookshaw and four months later Paddy Farrell in the 1964 Grand National. Both falls resulted in severe paralysis which immediately ended both their careers.

The Oaksey House rehabilitation and performance team have multi- sport experience at national and international levels and by working in close partnership they aim to support individuals in:

  • Treatment and rehabilitation following illness or injury
  • Maintaining optimal levels of fitness
  • Taking a proactive approach to injury prevention and performance enhancement – using new approaches and research to ensure best possible outcomes


Oaksey House
Oxford Street
RG17 8XS
Tel 01488 674242
Email jackie@ijf.org.uk


Monday to Friday
8am – 8pm

Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays